Taking a cue from the fashion mags on our shelves, Bookmans Speedway generated a Dos and Don’ts of Bookmans list. The most important Dos are to express yourself, have fun and love what you love. Getting past the cumbayah crap, let’s look at the other side of the list too! In the spirit of self expression…
Dos and Don'ts of Bookmans

Do: Cosplay or shop in costume, you might get a discount or get featured on our Twitter or Instagram feeds.
Don’t: Take off your Chuck Taylors.
Do: Go outside your literary comfort zone and try something new.
Don’t: Judge a book, or person, by their cover. (We learned that in Kindergarten.)
Do: Relax and hang out in our comfy chairs.
Don’t: Hibernate in our comfy chairs.
Do: Play our musical instruments.
Don’t: Stage dive with our musical instruments.
Do: Bring your kids to our great (free) kids events.
Don’t: Worry about the glitter on the carpet. It’s proof that magic exists.
Do: Bring your adorable pets to our stores on leashes.
Don’t: Let them bite, bark, poo or pee.
Do: Use our carts to make your shopping experience more convenient.
Don’t: Use our carts to build the Fortress of Solitude or a race track. (We only do that after hours.)
Do: Geek Out.
Don’t: Freak Out — unless there is glitter involved, then it’s your choice to freak out or geek out.
Do: Ask questions and be curious. We love to talk to our customers. There is no Don’t here. You folks tell us the most interesting things. Bring it on! Regulars are one of the best things about Bookmans and the merchandise you bring us is cool.
Do be kind and be yourself. Do come because it’s a party every time we see you. Do know that we couldn’t do what we do without you. You stock our shelves, you keep us company and you welcome us into your community. Thanks to each and every one of you.