Hi guys, I’m Paul Lee. Wow, here I am working for one of my favorite stores in the country! As the new Events Liaison for Bookmans Flagstaff, I will continue the great work of Caity Evans, who is moving up in the organization, and add my spin to the events here. I hope to make a difference for our store and in the community and have plenty of fun along the way.

I'm Paul Lee, the New Event Liaison for Bookmans Flagstaff

This is a wicked exciting opportunity for me (as we would say in Boston). My friends warned me that working for Bookmans might be dangerous due to my voracious appetite for books, CDs, records, movies, musical equipment, etc. but I know that I can handle the challenge. Living in a one bedroom apartment with my girlfriend keeps my acquisitions to a minimum! This new challenge allows me a broader chance to share my favorite finds from Bookmans Flagstaff.

The Man In The High Castle by Phillip K. Dick
A chilling tale of what it would be like if the allied forces had lost WWII. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a twist on history.

Boss Multi Effects Pedal
With a life-long passion for shredding on the guitar, this awesome effects pedal is a total find!

The Customers!
Shopping for myself is cool, but it’s more rewarding to connect with customers and be a part of their experience picking up a new favorite.

All our events at Bookmans Flagstaff are free and family friendly. Keep your eye on the event calendar for events in our store and in the community. If you are interested in hosting an event at Bookmans Flag, contact me Paul at Flagevents@Bookmans.com. You can also check in at our UFO and unexplained section where I will most likely be hanging out, reading up on reported phenomena.