If you attended a Bookmans Phoenix event in 2015, you met our lovely and talented Craft Manager Miss Amy. Along with her three children, Charles, Felicianna and Jakob, Amy brings creativity and imagination to life to us each week. Whether the theme is mermaids, outer space, princesses or pirates, Amy’s arts and crafts projects make memorable experiences.

Meet Craft Manager Miss Amy of Amyzing Crafts

Arrghhh! BlackBeard Friday with Amy, Charles and Felicianna.

Amy started attending Bookmans Phoenix events as a guest with her children about two years ago. Soon, she assisted our Craft Manager Emeritus Cory Lee with everything from face painting to flower tiaras. Amy became our new Craft Manager last December and is an awesome addition to the Bookmans event team. Charles, Felicianna and Jakob use their talents to pitch in as well. They come up with fun ideas that are relevant to the interests of people their own age.

One of the many things that we admire about Amy is that she inspires all ages of guests to harness creativity and spread happiness through visual arts. “I love to see the excitement and creativity at work when people really get into the crafts,” says Amy. “Every person makes different choices that result in a personalized design for their project.”

Rumpus Maker by Craft Manager Miss Amy of Amyzing Crafts

Amy and Cory believe that art projects should be simple enough for children with the capacity to be more detailed for adults. The ideal craft should be designed to be wall-worthy, something that people enjoy and are proud to take home. Amy adds literary and educational components to her art projects. For example, interactive puppets for Arts and Smarts: Romp With the Wild Things and seed planting for SuperScience Heroes: Sustainable City.

Amy has her own organization, Amyzing Crafts, that uses social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote events at Bookmans Phoenix and around the community.

All ages and skill levels are welcome to Bookmans’ free, family-friendly events. Join us as we have events nearly every day of the week. Check out our Online Calendar for all the details. If you would like to get involved with events at Bookmans, contact the event liaison at your favorite location.