Local art collective, Fairy Doors and Dinosaurs is a new business in the Valley of the Sun. We had the pleasure of working with them over the past few weeks at Bookmans Phoenix events. Co-owners Cory Lee and Jessica Evans are a power-packed duo. Jessica is the mastermind behind the artistic direction and Cory is the community networking mover and shaker.

Fairy Doors and Dinosaurs specializes in facilitating crafts for all ages. As Cory says, “Art projects should be simple enough for children with the capacity to be more detailed for adults. The ideal craft should be designed to be ‘wall worthy’. It’s nice to create a craft that people enjoy and are proud to take home.” Cory and Jessica are excellent at making “wall worthy” art accessible to all skill sets. Guests of all ages were mesmerized by their Hobbit Doors at our Shindig in the Shire. Parents and children alike had a great time making butterfly-inspired masks at our Butterfly Social.

Our next collaboration with Fairy Doors and Dinosaurs will be at the Crafty Café on May 17 from 11 a.m. to noon. We look forward to more fun with creativity! For more information about the fun and free events at Bookmans please visit our Event Calendar.