Bookmans Grant kicked off our Earth Month recycled crafts series by making bird feeders. This craft is affordable, recyclable, simple and fun for all ages. We don’t want you to miss out on this bird-friendly fun, so we’re providing you instructions on how to make this craft from home.

Birdfeeder Materials

* Paper towel or toilet paper rolls
* Light corn syrup
* Wild bird seed
* Plain Cheerios
* Yarn/String
* Paintbrush
* Hole punch
* Scissors

Step 1:

Birdfeeder Step 1

Cut your cardboard rolls into 2 inch rings. Cut as many as you like. The more rings, the longer your bird feeder will be. We chose to use 5 rings per feeder.

Step 2:

Birdfeeder Step 2

Punch two holes in your cardboard rings. You will feed string through these holes.

Step 3:

Birdfeeder Step 3

Using a paint brush, paint a thin coat of light corn syrup on your cardboard rings. If you apply too thick of a coat, your bird seed will drip off the rings when they are drying.

Step 4:

Birdfeeder Step 4

Once your ring is tacky with corn syrup, roll it in the bird seed until it is fully covered. Set rings aside to dry.

Step 5:

Birdfeeder Step 5

Cut a piece of string long enough to hold your rings. You can always cut off length if it’s too long, but you can’t make your string grow if it is too short. If you are working with yarn, avoid split ends by dipping the tip of your yarn in corn syrup, then twisting the tip of the string until it sticks together. This will make the threading process easier.

Step 6:

Birdfeeder Step 6

Form a base by tying a knot around a Cheerio. Make sure to double knot.

Step 7:

Birdfeeder Step 7

Feed Cheerios onto the string. Once you have five Cheerios on your string, thread through one hole of a cardboard ring. Then you may add Cheerios. Once you have enough Cheerios, thread the string through the second hole. Continue this Cheerio-Ring-Cheerio pattern until you are satisfied with your feeder. At that point, tie a loop with the leftover string. You will use this to hang your feeder outside.

Step 8:
Recycled Bird Feeder

Now that you’re done, hang your bird feeder outside on a branch or a hook and watch the neighborhood birds flock to your yard!

Want to get your hands on some more recycled events? Join Bookmans Grant from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on Friday, April 11 as we make biodegradable flower pots. Then on Friday, April 25, we will paint recycled vinyl bookends. We want to see your ideas for recycled crafts. Send us images of your recycled craft, step-by-step instructions, your name/age (optional) and tell us why your craft is good for the Earth. Entries will be accepted until April 19. readers will vote on their favorite recycled craft. Whoever gets the most votes will win an Earth Month gift basket from Bookmans Grant. Send all entries to