Bookmans is the place for great deals on all forms of entertainment, but Bookmans Flagstaff has an extra goodie in store for you — great coffee. Nestled in the corner of Bookmans Flag is the Bookmans Cafe. With locally sourced coffee beans and baked goods made by our neighbors in Northern Arizona, not to mention the incredibly cool and professional staff, the Cafe stands out from the rest. Enabling us in our crippling addiction to java is Lynda Grieco, the Bookmans Cafe Manager, and the talented bunch of baristas who make up the Bookmans Cafe staff. The Bookmans Cafe is a tradition for many Bookmans customers during their shopping experience at our store. Nothing is better than shopping for books than shopping for books while sipping a hot cup of joe.

Bookmans Cafe Logo

The beans, It’s all about the coffee beans. In this case our beans come from the Red Rocks. Firecreek Coffee Company of Sedona Arizona provides us with our coffee needs. We like the company motto, “It matters to them, they matter to us.” Firecreek offers fair trade, sustainably produced coffee. Aside from being coffee with a conscience, it’s also incredibly good! Come by and have a cup.

Bookmans Cafe Staff

Artisan’s Kitchen is where we get tasty treats and pastries that make your mouth water. Using only the best ingredients that are homegrown right here in Arizona, Artisan’s Kitchen provides Bookmans with an array of delicious breakfast items. They also partner with us every year for Bike to Work week by providing all the pastries for the Bookmans Breakfast Stop.

Bagels, bagels and more bagels. From everything to sesame to plane to Parmesan, we’ve got a variety of this popular polish bread. Our supplier is none other then the incredibly charming Biffs Bagels! Biffs is a Flagstaff business and a huge part of the community, providing high quality bagels that people can’t get enough of. Not only are their bagels coveted, but Biffs Bagels is also a company of dog lovers. They covered their downtown Flag shop walls with photos of beloved canine companions who have passed away, each photo placed by an owner who dearly miss them. We know, so many feel.

Stop in to check out all the yummy treats and drinks we have for you. (Psssstttt. Try the pumpkin chai. Not to brag but we’re told it’s the nector of the Gods.) Bookmans Cafe also plays host to many of our monthly events. Check out the events page. Bookmans Cafe is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.