Wonder why weird wonders are way out? What? We say why bother? It’s best to enjoy the wackiness in our world. Bookmans Speedway is a great place to start. Our store has quirk in every corner. The wonders abound. If you haven’t stopped by our gallery lately, then that would be the spot to begin your tour of our weird collectibles.

weird collectibles

Have you ever seen a hand-cut, dyed and folded paper east Asian figure? We can help you check it off your bucket list. A plastic foam bouncy robot lamp would look fabulous on your bedside table. Drink your morning cuppa from a ceramic elephant in a football uniform mug. No home is complete without a Pirates of the Caribbean bobble head or a mushroom box and incense burner. Are you handy with used plastic bags? Not as handy as the artist who made this plastic bag rooster with sticky feet. Few things are as “fine” (it says so on the box) as handmade bear soap on a rope. A painted wooden shoe, Tiki mugs, filo bead triangle candle, an extra large jellyfish paper weight or a vintage Ezra Brooks liquor bottle of a bragging fisherman could also be yours. Freak out your roommates with a wicked laughing clown mask. If it’s weird you want, it’s weird we got!

Speedway clown mask

Share your weird with us. We like it! If you have a collection of strange, one of a kind oddities when what you really need is a bike to get to work, sell it to us. Bookmans will pay cash or trade for your weirdness. Trade never expires and is good for everything Bookmans sells, even at our gorgeous new Bookmans Sports. Get your weird on or get your weird out. Either way Bookmans is the place.