Musical education continues the good fight for a renaissance in terms of acceptability and validation (and financing). Multiple studies confirm the positive effects of music study in cognitive abilities especially in terms of mathematics. Universities at home and abroad have trumpeted (ahem) the results of these studies. Everywhere from Brown University in the U.S. to the University of Munster in Germany confirm that musical education improves math skills, not just in kids but in adults too. Time to get marching with math and Mozart!

instruments help with math and mozart

These studies seem to focus on spatial reasoning tasks or patterns in objects or numbers. In one study shows that listening to as little as 10 minutes of a Mozart piano sonata can improve these skills. This result is often termed the Mozart Effect. It is believed that due to the sequential nature of Mozart’s compositions, they produce enhanced reasoning skills often used in solving these types of problems. The Mozart Effect studies include children, however, additional studies involving adults utilized magnetic brain imaging technology. Turns out that the brains of musicians are often 25 percent larger than those with no musical training. I would love 25 percent more brains! If you would too, Bookmans Speedway can help!

Our Musical Instrument section is expanding rapidly, especially with marching band instruments such as clarinets and flutes. We currently have over 40 varieties of clarinets and flutes in stock. Among our prized instruments are two wooden clarinets. These higher quality instruments have better tone than the typical carbon fiber or plastic models. These are best for the professional musician but all of our clarinets are set up for immediate play.

Students and professionals can choose from Artley Preludes and A Fontaines from $200 to Conductor B6 clarinets at $70. We also have many styles of flutes from North American models to Northern Arizona valuables and from high end family heirlooms to entry level student models. Choose from a Bundy or Buffet at $285 to a Hall Crystal Flute in D at $50. We can also help you maintain your instruments. Bookmans Speedway offers instrument repairs and you can pay with trade credit. From marching band to the symphony, we can help you take the first steps to learning an instrument and maximizing brain power.

* Bookmans can not guarantee stock and each of our instruments are individually priced. If there is a specific item mentioned in this post that you are interested in, give Bookmans Speedway a call at 520.881.7329 and a staff member will be happy to assist you. All of our stores offer a variety of musical instruments, but at this time, we are only offering musical instrument repair in our Tucson locations.