Make believe happens all the time at Bookmans Speedway. Bookmans has a tendency to hire creative people, but that isn’t the only reason there’s so much imaginative play around here. If you worked in a donut shop, you might eat a few. If you spent your days in an art museum, you might have the urge to paint. Bookmans Speedway employees are surrounded by all kinds of wonderful retro and vintage toys — too many to resist, so we play!

vintage toys

We also like to share because it is always more fun to have friends join you. What was your favorite toy as a child? Barbies, Tonka Trucks, board games or wind up figures that do amazing things? If you have a love for tiny treasures that dance, sing and play music, we have the collection for you. Bookmans Speedway currently has an unique collection of metal moving toys, and they all work! Some are reproductions of earlier originals but many are genuine vintage.

The car pictured above is a battery operated toy that includes two figures inside a shiny red convertible. Termed “mystery action”, the female doll takes pictures with real flash. The vehicle’s horn sounds and the headlights flash for added realism. Our brightly painted clown riding a scooter is brand new and in the box. The wind up scooter runs and the clown dances. Check out the boy on an ice cream bike as he moves across the floor and plays real music. The last rider is a small boy on his 3-wheeled bicycle. His flower print pants and hand painted wheels are charming. Wind up birds with jumping action, panda’s drumming a real drum or the “Fatiaowanju”, a merry animal train with all the creatures moving and dancing can be yours. Don’t be shy. Join us for a play date and check out our newest and cutest collection of retro and vintage toys for non-tots because grown ups get to play too!

* Bookmans can not guarantee stock. If there is a specific item mentioned in this post that you are interested in, give Bookmans Speedway a call at 520.881.7329 and a staff member will be happy to assist you.