Yeah, it’s summer and all the kids and their friends are home… all day… all night, maybe several nights. We have been busy prepping for finals then for the annual summer road trip and then to make sure we’ve doubled up our grocery shopping to cover the inevitable summer munchies. Did any of us consider what then? Kids don’t don’t have homework. The heat is so oppressive everyone leaves town, so book club has been suspended. What then? What do you say in the face of the inevitable cry of, “We’re bored!”? Respond with fun summer boardom. (We can’t help the pun, no matter how bad.)

Summer Boardom

Bookmans can help. In addition to all of our free, family-friendly events, our shelves are full of all manner of fun for everyone. Grab one of our brand new or used board games. Nothing fosters sibling rivalries better. Alternatively, look at it as an opportunity to foster sibling boding.

Don’t settle for regular T.V. when we have on the edge of your seat, laughing till you burst, hot T.V. series. These full sets include an entire season of excitement in one box, enough to keep you watching for a week.

Puzzles are a great way to spend time, catch up on the latest and relax. Pick up one of our wide array of gorgeous puzzles.

Too hot for elaborate crafting? We have super easy, all supplies included crafting kits and shelves of how to books for crafting cuties. The appeal of a quiet evening after all the hustle and bustle might be just what your family craves.

Grab a stack of paperback mysteries or a bag of coloring books to keep everyone in the Arizona room happy. Summer is filled with excitement, now is the time to consider what happens after everyone leaves the pool. Give your family some down time, some time to be together and relax. It might be the best time they have all year!