By Dani Byers, Event Liaison for Bookmans Speedway

I read a short article by Katy Perry outlining the women who most impacted her life. I like the piece because Perry creates a bridge from the reader to these inspiration superstars, some previously unknown to me. I enjoyed learning of the accomplishments of Vicky Vlachonis, an osteopath and author of The Body Doesn’t Lie, and Sophia Rossi, poet and co-founder of Hello Giggles. These women haven’t changed my life yet, but I hope to get to know them better. Since you can’t experience everything, it’s exciting to explore the lives of others who fully embrace their existence. It also got me thinking, who inspires me? Or you?

Inspiration Superstars

It’s fascinating to see who others look to for inspiration. It’s a free pass that provides insight into what motivates others and helps to discover new people, places, things and ideas. The world feels exciting, fresh and full of possibilities when viewed through the lens of another. The ideas of others inspire in unexpected ways. I’ll get us started, but I’d like for you to also share the creative, funny, brave and talented folks who inspire you.

James Corden (@JKCorden) is a British Comedian who will take over the Late, Late Show. Corden wrote a wonderful article, Dear American Women, that is funny and refreshingly honest. Also, Betty White prank called him so he must be cool!

If you haven’t heard of author, cartoonist, Tony Award winner and creator of the Bechdel Test, Alison Bechdel (@AlisonBechdel), then it’s time you did. Strong, smart, creative and funny, we bet she has a very cool key ring.

Julie Taymor is an amazing American director of film, theater, opera and a multiple Tony Award winner. Check out her 2002 film Frida or 2007’s Across the Universe.

One of my all time favorite authors is Tom Robbins. He wrote Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Skinny Legs and All and other outstanding books. For a taste of Robbins, check out his Good Reads quotation page.

Who do you follow on Twitter and Instagram? Share your #InspirationSuperstar with us in the comments or on social media. Tag us so we can see it. Then, if you would like to learn more about your, or some else’s role model, stop by Bookmans. Ours is the perfect place to geek out over people, places and ideas and to learn who inspired them and where they fit in to culture and history. The world awaits!