Ticket Tuesday: 2017 Phoenix Film Festival

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The Phoenix Film Foundation presents the 17th Annual Phoenix Film Festival! The festival starts Thursday, April 6th and runs through Thursday, April 13th. The PFF was named one of the 25 Coolest Film Festivals by MovieMaker Magazine and tops the Bookmans list of favorites. The event began in 2000 when independent filmmakers created an opportunity to showcase independent filmmaking. PFF quickly became Arizona’s largest film festival. On this Ticket Tuesday, we give away two festival passes to this incredible event!


PFF annually screens over 150 films, holds amazing parties and provides filmmaking seminars to capacity audiences. Over 25,000 attendees enjoy the 8-day festival. The festival takes place in one convenient location and shows on seven screens at the Harkins Scottsdale 101. All parties and workshops occur on site so you won’t miss a thing. PFF is also a program of the 501(c)(3) non-profit Phoenix Film Foundation.

To enter our Ticket Tuesday giveaway, tell us in our comment section about your fave guilty pleasure movie that you love to watch over and over. Perhaps it’s a 1980s romantic comedy, a b-movie horror classic or an action-packed thriller starring a former California governor. We promise we won’t judge. For extra credit, impress us by quoting your favorite line. We will select a winner using random.org. Winners will be notified on Wednesday, April 5 by e-mail. Comments are moderated and may take some time to appear. Please do not resubmit your comments — one is plenty.

Good luck to all you film enthusiasts! This is an opportunity not to be missed and we only have two tickets to give away. If you aren’t the lucky winner and still want to attend the festival you can check out all the event information at the Phoenix Film Festival website.

Also, if you like awesome and free events, be sure to see more of what’s happening at a Bookmans near you!


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12 Responses to “Ticket Tuesday: 2017 Phoenix Film Festival”

  1. Bree says:

    I think it’s a tie between Office Space and Galaxy Quest. I had both on VHS and then DVD – and I’ll admit, as a nerdy Trekkie I relate to both on so many levels (and I’m okay with that!)

    • Harrison Kressler says:

      “Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler” 🙂 Thanks Bree. You’re in the running for the passes. Thanks for playing and good luck!

  2. Zane says:

    There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure. With that said, I have a soft spot in my heart for Batman & Robin and Batman Forever. So terrible, yet a part of my childhood.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Night of The Living Dead, Day of the Triffids, pretty much any low budget apocalypse film.

  4. Cathy Corrado says:

    Caveman, it reminds me of my childhood. I don’t run into too many people who’ve seen it, except my husband and that’s how I knew I found the right guy!

  5. Melissa B says:

    Nightmare Before Christmas is my absolute favorite film that I’ve seen no fewer than a million times!

    • Harrison Kressler says:

      Thanks Melissa. Gotta love those movies you can turn to over and over again. You’re in the running to win.

  6. Cory Shapiro says:

    While I agree that some of the other movies mentioned are guilty pleasures of mine, my favorite is The Goonies! From HEY, YOU GUYS!!!! to Chuck’s confession/life story to the truffle shuffle, there are so many fun memories from watching this (even today).

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