If you haven’t planned anything to do with your special someone this Valentine’s Day, then it’s time you get it in gear. We’re all about doing things locally, and it’s no surprise that Flagstaff has plenty of romantic options for you and your valentine. Hit the jump to see our top 5 lovey-dovey activities to impress the one you love without leaving town.

Rhea loves all things local and shows off her Local First AZ button.

1. Scenic Sleigh Ride with Hitchin’ Post Stables
What could be better than cuddling up to your honey on a scenic sleigh ride guided by beautiful horses? Flagstaff is filled with breathtaking scenery, especially when it’s covered in a layer of snow. Bundle up, bring some cocoa and have a love-filled sleigh ride!
2. Wine Tasting at the Wine Loft
Every week the Wine Loft, located in historic downtown Flagstaff, hosts wine tastings showcasing a different group of wines. If you’re of legal age to drink, this is a great option for wine-loving couples. The best part is that you can check out a board game to play! Some fancy wine and a game of Battleship sounds like the perfect date night. Roses are red, wine is also red, this isn’t a poem, just an observation.
3. Cooking Lesson at the Seasoned Kitchen
Everyone knows the way to a man’s (or a woman’s) heart is through his stomach. A cooking class is a great way to learn something new in the kitchen. You can even take the class alone and bring the skills home to make a gourmet meal for your better half.
4. Couples Massage at Hands On! Integrative Bodywork
Do we need to explain why this is such a great option? Come on! Couples massage! No brainer.
5. Volunteer at Second Chance Center for Animals
Animal lovers know that spending the day surrounded by adorable, loving animals is the perfect way to give back to the community while enjoying time with the one you love. It’s simple. doing good makes you feel good. Plus, you might even bring home a new pet!