So you’ve just traded in some of your beloved books to one of our six Bookmans stores. And as you start to walk away carrying your new haul of sweet finds you purchased with trade credit, your mind can’t help but wonder. Where are they now? Do they have new homes? Are they loved and well looked after? Have you ever wanted to know what a book’s opinion might be about our buy-sell-trade business model? You’re in luck! Recently we caught up an insider source and heard all about a books life at Bookmans. From when it lands on the Bookmans trade counter to the moment it’s clutched by a new happy owner. We’re going behind the shelves to give you an all access, cover to cover exclusive on the life of a typical book. From our shelves to yours.



Bookmans Phoenix: Today we have with us Mr. B. Bookington of the Phoenix Bookingtons. Before we get started, we’d like to thank you for taking some time out of your busy shelf life to talk with us today. Tell us, what is your favorite part about being a book?

bbboxB. Bookington: Thanks for having me! I’m excited to share the inside scoop about my life here at Bookmans. Oh man, favorite part about being a book? Jeez, there are so many great aspects of my bookish life how could I possibly pick one? But I guess at the end of the page, I love getting to share my story with people.

BP: Speaking of stories. Can you give us an idea about your story?

BB: Well perhaps after the interview I’ll give you a peak. Unless you’re one of those people who goes straight to the last page and ruins the story! Biblio-infidelity I tell you! My story is for another time. Let me share with you my new life here at Bookmans. It’s been a real page turner!


BP: Good Point! So let’s start from the beginning of this journey. When you first arrived at Bookmans, what were your initial thoughts as you were being traded in?

BB: [Chuckles] I’m not going to lie to you, the noun Terror comes to mind. I was thrilled to have more people be able to read my story, but I was so worried. There are so many books here what if no one picked me up? It can be a bit intimidating when you first arrive!

BP: I’m sure it was! So, you get traded in. Then what happens? Give us the deets! What’s the Bookmans trade to shelf process? And please, no cliffhangers.


BB: As soon as I was “sold” so to speak, to Bookmans at the counter for trade credit, I was placed in a box with
other books similar to me. I’m a fiction read myself so my neighbors were also novels. We traveled together sharing our stories along the way until finally we had made it to the cashier.


IMG_0013BP: The cashier? Could that really be the end? Not gonna lie, we were under the impression the process

was a bit more involved

BB: See, I had a feeling you were one of those people who jumps to the end! Just kidding. Turns out at
Bookmans Phoenix, cashiers also clean, price and on occasion read the books that come in. I felt like a new book! My fears started to melt away with every swipe of goo gone. But fear not, we a far from this narratives conclusion.


BP: Oh, what a relief! You do look great. It has been said though, never judge a book by its cover. Won’t you hint what contents you hold inside?

BB: [ Laughs] I’m a mystery.

BP: I guess we’ll never know.

BB: But I just…okay. You’ll get it at some point, I assume. Hopefully. Well, moving on.


BP: Yes, what is next in this process?

BB: After getting so fresh and so clean, my fellow book mates and I are chauffeured by a book department employee to the back processing room. Boy, let me tell you that back room is huge! There’s a whole wall filled with boxes of books, mountains of boxes full of books and carts filled with every color of book you can imagine! I tell you something else. Never have I heard more Star Wars talk then in the Bookmans back room.


BP: What happens in the back room?

BB: Organization! We’re sorted by genre, alphabetized by our authors last name and placed onto white carts. We’re riding in style as we make our way out onto the main floor, or as the employees refer to it the stacks.


BP: It seems like we really are getting the inside scoop here!

BB: Of course! You can’t tell a good story without some inside information.

BP: Does this bring us near the end of your adventure here?

BB: Indeed, it does! Being shelved in a section that completely fits my personality has been wonderful. I’ve shared stories with so many new book buddies. We’ve all become so close.


BP: What adventures are in store for you next Mr. B. Bookington?

BB: As of now, I am settling in well with the other books, but… (gets picked up by a customer). Would you look at that? It seems that I have a new owner! Wow looks like I gotta go. Great talking to you but for this book it’s time to share my mystery with a new friend! See you in the epilogue!

bbcashierendBP: There you have it everyone. A look inside the life of a book here at Bookmans . He’s certainly not the only interesting book with a story to tell. So come on down to you nearest Bookmans and pick up a new friend!

* Bookmans is your store to explore. If you would like to pick up a copy of any specific title, give us a call and we’ll check our shelves for you. Otherwise, we hope you’ll spend time with us and B. Bookington browsing our shelves.