We don’t want it to end, but sadly it must. October, the spookiest month of the year is coming to a close. Before we pack up the cobwebs, skeletons and other forms of Halloween paraphernalia adorning Bookmans Flagstaff, let us reflect on the fun we had celebrating the beloved holiday.

Halloween Fun at Bookmans

Bookmans Flag celebrated the frightfully fun All Hallows Eve celebrated even though we lacked one black candle to awake the Sanderson Sisters. We settled for costumes, dancing and copious amounts of candy. Halloween took over our usual in-store events, lending a spooky and eery quality to all the usual Bookmans fun.

Free Friday Night Movie highlighted the comedic classic Young Frankenstein with our Abby Normal Movie Night. It’s no secret we harbor a deep appreciation for Mel Brooks, but this twist on Mary Shelley’s tale of Victor Frankenstein and his monster is in a league of its own. Complete with tap dancing and intentional mispronunciations of classic characters names like Fronkensteen and Eyegor, our Abby Normal Movie Night was a big hit!

For our Mini Monster Mash, we hosted a Halloween party for all the little ghouls, goblins and ghosts in the Flagstaff community. Complete with spooky tunes for dancing and a coffin craft where we decorated our own resting place for the undead. The party ended with a classic, Bookmans costume contest where our official Halloween expert Fritschie deemed Mateo as a hot air balloon the winner.

The letter of the day was “H” for “Halloween” at Read to Me Story Time with Miss Jenna. We read scary stories and sang spooky songs together. Miss Jenna and company got in the spirit donning costumes. Story time ended with trick-or-treating around the store with staff members passing out candy to story time readers.

Thank you to everyone who came to the haunted festivities at all the Bookmans stores. We had so much fun celebrating Halloween with you.