Bookmans Phoenix and Bookmans Mesa invite you to a gathering of magic and wizard comradery this Saturday, September 21. According to the American Library Association, Harry Potter is one of the most challenged books in America. We invite you to allow the butter beer to flow freely and brag about your monumental Quidditch feats. Just remember to leave your Unforgivable curses at the door.

Street View_Harry LoRes

Party at Platform 9 3/4 — Bookmans Mesa at 1 p.m.
All aboard the Hogwart’s Express! Meet Archimedes The Owl, make wizard crafts, try magical treats and bring your camera! Meet Artemis Tonks, Orion Black, Profressory Trelawney and more. Take your photo with our character stand ups. Don’t forget to bring your new, unworn socks to donate for Dobby’s Sock Drive, which benefits The Child Crisis Center.

Hogwart’s House Party — Bookmans Phoenix at 5 p.m.
Whether you belong to Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, you are invited to the free Hogwarts House Party for kids of all ages. Enjoy enchanted games, prizes, activities and magical snacks.

Both stores will have a pair of tickets to see the sold out performance of Halloween at Hogwarts: Featuring the Music of Harry Potter. Grab your brooms and fly away with us as the orchestra performs selections from the Harry Potter films at the Phoenix Symphony Hall. Special parking permits required for those arriving by dragon.