Guess What?! You can get in shape this summer without spending a single cent out of your pocket. Yes, everything you’ve heard is true. Bookmans Sports Exchange is open and takes Bookmans trade credit, your trade credit, for everything. When you sell magazines and DVDs to any Bookmans, you can use that trade at Bookmans Sports for sports, outdoor and fitness equipment. Best of all, trade credit never, ever (we mean ever), expires. So, what’s your thing?

Muscle Men

Are you a music man turned to a muscle man? KISS those love handles goodbye with workout vids and free weights purchased with trade from your vintage KISS figurines sold at Bookmans Speedway. We have graphic novels and all the cool anime and manga here for purchase, or trade yours in and use the trade credit for that free weight set at the Bookmans Sports. You could also go to Bookmans Sports and exchange your free weights for trade that you spend at Bookmans Speedway.

You can wield that sword for real or sell your unused one for that killer mountain bike. Want to set your wrestle mania free by learning how to execute pro-wrestling moves with expert guides? Trade in your old WWE action figures and head into our Sports Exchange.

Whether you are a King or a Kong, you can use trade from any location at any location on any item. Instead of watching the Mounties on your old Rocky and Bullwinkle shows, you can climb a mountain (or at least a Stairmaster). Get your new backpack and expert trail advice from our experienced and knowledgeable Bookmans Sports staff.

Trade is good at all of our stores for everything. Don’t be shy, be like Sly and get your abs on! This can be your funnest and fittest summer ever, let us show you how …. but you will just HAVE to get that cool light saber with the leftover trade!