Bookmans pays homage to all media that has been banned, censored or challenged from people all over the world. Our anti-censorship stance means we won’t make decisions about what content is appropriate for you. Freedom of expression is #1 in the Bill of Rights and at the fore of our core values. The list of banned books is often surprising and so is the list of movies that have been banned. Bookmans makes a concerted effort to display both banned books and banned movies during our yearly Fight Censorship campaign. We’ve compiled a list of banned movies for folks who want to see what the ruckus is all about.

10. A Clockwork Orange. Banned in Ireland due to its extreme depictions of violence.
9. The Last Temptation of Christ. Banned in Israel on the grounds that it could offend Christians.
8. Zoolander. Banned in Malaysia because the censorship board there deemed it “definitely unsuitable.”
7. Life of Brian. Banned in Norway and Ireland due to jokes deemed offensive to religious people.
6. The Departed. Banned in China for a line suggesting that the Chinese government intends to use nuclear weapons on Taiwan.
5. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Banned in China for its unflattering depictions of Chinese society.
4. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Banned in China. No reason was given, but unofficial sources within China have indicated that the portrayal of Chow Yun-fat offered a negative and stereotypical portrayal of the Chinese people.
3. Rambo. Banned in Burma for negative portrayals of Burmese soldiers.
2. Back to the Future. Banned in China because of the government’s belief that time travel is a dangerous element in fiction and because the actions of Marty McFly are highly inappropriate.
1. Barney’s Great Adventure. Banned in Malaysia because the censors found it to be unacceptable for children to watch without providing any further explanation.

Browse through our shelves for these titles or give any of our stores a call and we’ll check them for you. Each September, check out our new campaign T-shirts and in-store displays to see what other of your favorite movies may have been banned.