With Fall’s arrival, the folks at Bookmans Flagstaff feel nostalgic for our little mountain oasis. Flagstaff has much to offer year-around but the summers here are in a league of their own. From hiking urban trails to creek days to outdoor festivals like our beloved Pickin’ In The Pines, Flagstaff summers are spent outside, soaking up rays and breathing in the fresh mountain air. Though we are excited for everything Fall has to offer — mittens, scarves and pumpkin flavored anything — we’re happy for warm days ahead of us and the continuation of outdoor activities. Before you begin your winter hibernation, take advantage of the warm weather and what summers in Flag are all about!


Photo credit Jaimie Harder

Visit Bearizona Drive-Thru Wild Life Park while the weather allows. Besides having an obviously awesome name, Bearizona is a must-see in Northern Arizona. Home to wild animals like gray wolves, bison and of course the famous black bear, the park is located in the charming town of Williams. This neighbor is just south of Flagstaff on the way to the Grand Canyon. Bearizona is open year-round, but who could resist the lovely scenery and you know bears do tend to sleep in the winter, hibernation and all that.

The Flagstaff City Hall parking lot bustles with farm fresh produce and locally made goods at Flagstaff’s Community Market from 8 a.m. to noon every Sunday. This popular market offers locally-sourced goods to customers including hand-crafted candles, furniture made from reclaimed wood and plenty of delicious food vendors like Rising High Hot Sauce. Flagstaff Community Market continues until October 12. All are welcome at the market, including man’s best friend with water bowls set up near the entrance so your canine companion can cool off from the summer heat.

Lowell Observatory, famous for its discovery of Pluto, offers guided tours and educational workshops for anyone wanting to learn about our solar system. Solar viewings take place throughout the day, allowing for views of solar flares and sun spots through a portable telescope. See the stars up close and personal with telescope viewings six nights a week. Viewings are subject to cancellations due to weather, so check the forecast before trekking up Mars Hill. Most fall nights are relatively clear, so there is a good chance you can enjoy all the celestial wonder long after the leaves have fallen.

From the two mile hike at Fatmans Loop to the completely underground Lava River Trail, Flagstaff offers plenty of hiking opportunities. If mountain biking is your style, try Sunset Trail. Four miles long and open from May to November, Sunset Trail allows for a great workout and amazing views. Northern Arizona is filled areas for camping like the Flagstaff Campgrounds near the Sunset Crater National Monument. Check the fire restrictions before starting that campfire to roast marshmallows.

When your weekend adventure of the great outdoors comes to a close, enjoy a refreshing locally brewed beer at The State Bar, where all beverages are sourced from breweries and wineries exclusive to Arizona. Located in downtown Flagstaff along Route 66, The State Bar offers drinks and live music. If you’re looking for an establishment with less alcohol and more caffeine stop by FireCreek Coffee Company just a few doors down. End your near perfect weekend with a visit to your favorite used entertainment store, picking up a book or movie to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Bookmans Flagstaff stocks their travel section with multiple hiking, camping and biking guide books. Call ahead (928.774.0005) if you need a particular title. We are more than happy to check our shelves for you or just stop by and peruse what we already have. We love sharing our favorite things to do in Flagstaff, but we would to hear yours even more! Where are your favorite places in Flag.