If there is one thing that I’ve obtained from art, music, and literature it’s the gratitude of connection. Connection to yourself personally, to one another, to the world we live in, even to our passage of life. Art always has some way of making connections.

Bookmans wants to help you make those connections with art, music, and literature. Here at Bookmans we have built our reputation on freedom of expression while building connections, because we believe you have the right to read, view, and listen to whatever art you choose. Bookmans regularly hosts in-store events that range from art exhibits to musical performances, from festivals to workshops, because of our dedication to a philosophy of creativity, integrity, and community involvement is the most important thing to us.


Art can make a difference in a plethora of ways. Creativity is a tool that can help expose and resolve issues, and even teach us more about the things we may be naive to. Art doesn’t tell us what to do or how things “should be”, yet it can provide a better understanding, engagement, and even inspiration from the world around us. Most of us have been affected by a work of art; regardless of the medium. Whether a song, poem, book, painting, or theatre production. Haven’t you?

Growing up, art was always a huge part of who I was. As I am now in my early 20’s; it feels as if there is a lack of greater connection. It is almost like we are trapped carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders without even realizing it; slowly adapting to struggle of the misunderstanding of the world we live in. More often than not being untouched by other’s obstacles, real world issues, while acts of violence and separation have become more and more constant.

Bookmans is committed to bring the arts into our community. At Bookmans we are proud to support so much local art, in many different ways. Bookmans Speedway hosts Extraordinary Local Art Fairs, Bookmans Grant has Poetry Meet- Ups every third Saturday of the month (where you are invited to share or observe poetry in our community room regardless of your writing experience), and Bookmans Ina has Craftapalooza every 2nd and 4th Saturday where each week we use of crafty skills to create something different.

We also have our very own local artist, Sita Navas’s unique artistic prints of your old favorite retro gaming characters from Smash Bro’s, to Legend of Zelda. Not to mention one of Bookmans favorite pals Mr. Nature! Mr. Nature’s Music Garden is an interactive playgroup that builds positive foundations for social interaction and motor skills through song, dance and art!

Art speaks in a language we can all understand. Maintaining connection is essential; it can can help lift the weight of the struggles and even help fix the animosity we see today. In the surface of all that is difficult, art expresses and makes connections that makes us more versatile. Visit your local Bookmans today to see what upcoming art events are in the mix this month. We hope to see you there!