Are your kids looking for a fun craft to do on fall break (or any time)? Bookmans has a great idea and the supplies are probably already in your cabinets. Try making these paper plate puppets for an afternoon of fun and easy crafting. The thing we like best about this activity is that it’s perfect for both kids and grown-ups because it can be complicated or easy depending on skill level. Today, our demo is a dog puppet. Of course, this cute puppet template can be modified to make any creature that your imagination desires.

Paper Plate Puppet Tutorial

– Paper Plates
– Crayons
– Scissors
– Construction Paper
– Glue

Optional Supplies:
– Googly Eyes
– Feathers
– Yarn
– Buttons
– Foam Sheets

1. Start by folding your paper plate in half. Then slice a 3 inch cut on either side of your fold. The cuts serve as your hand holds when using the puppet.

2. Color all of your plate. You can color it any way you want but make sure to cover both sides. We used a brown crayon and added a black eye patch for our puppy.

3. Cut out two ears and a tongue from your construction paper. We used brown construction paper for the ears and red paper for our dog’s tongue. If you have them, pattern scissors make a fun shape around the edges.

4. Re-fold your plate and glue the ears to either side of plate half that is facing you. This is your puppet’s face. On the inner edge of bottom curve, glue your tongue. Then glue on eyes and add a nose.

The puppet possibilities are endless. If you would rather make a cat, cut triangles for the ears and a tiny tongue. Cut black construction paper into strips for the whiskers and glue on to each side of its face. Feathers can be glued on to make your puppet a bird.

Pro Tip: When gluing feathers, cotton balls or pom poms, place glue on the plate, not the feather or cotton. Then stick items onto the glued surface. Trying to put glue on feathers tears them and make a mess.

Let your crafting imagination run wild with common supplies you have around the house. Once a menagerie of paper plate puppets are complete, stage a puppet show. If you don’t want to make up your own story, borrow one from your favorite picture book. Get creative and enjoy a whole day of entertainment!

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