It’s no secret that romcoms (romantic comedies) can be hit-or-miss. Some lack in the comedy department, have an unoriginal or weak storyline, or are a bit too raunchy. Some romcoms, for whatever reason, are just not that memorable. The truth is, it’s hard to find a type of humor that works for everyone, a feat made more difficult when throwing romance into the mix. BUT, when we do find a movie that hits all the right notes, we won’t soon forget it. These two movies are some of the most unforgettable romcoms in my book.

When a movie makes you stand up and take notice, every time you watch afterward you feel a little nostalgic.  You laugh at the same parts and get drawn in again and again by those magic moments. My top romantic comedies are probably one of your favorites too – and for good reason. These two films live up to the standards of a timeless romcom.

The Proposal (2009)

The Proposal made a splash in the romcom world because it has a unique storyline that still isn’t seen often. Margaret (Sandra Bullock), head honcho and ruler-on-high at work, learns she’s going to be deported back to Canada. With no other reasonable options on the table, she hatches a crazy plan.  She opts to blackmail her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her in a sham wedding. For her, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Margaret was despised around the office, especially by Andrew, making this already insane scenario all the more outrageous. At work, Margaret instills fear in her employees and seemingly shows no compassion. When the film opens, her employees send out office-wide messages declaring “It’s here!” or “The witch is on her broom.” Not exactly terms of endearment, huh?

As the movie progresses, uptight Margaret grows closer to Andrew, finally getting to know the man whose life she makes a living hell on a daily basis. Maybe a romantic getaway will make the two see how perfect they are for each other?

For me, the magic in this movie comes in the moments when both characters let their guard down. It’s not the big romantic gesture moments that you would normally see in the movies. The pair never even went on an actual date! Watching Margaret realize that her front was really holding her back from happiness is one of those moments.

So, why is this movie so watchable again and again? It’s not only the hysterical moments with Sandra Bullock and Betty White. Yes, it’s definitely those too! For me, the scenes where you slowly start to notice that their hatred turns to love are what make it shine.

Bridesmaids (2011)

There is no way that Bridesmaids wouldn’t be on top of everyone’s list, whether they like romcoms or not. It stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Rebel Wilson, who alone make the movie a masterpiece. (No offense to the other lovely actors and actresses in the movies. You did a stellar job, but these ladies steal the show.)

Annie’s (Kristen Wiig) childhood best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph) is engaged! You would think that you’d be jumping for joy hearing your best friend was engaged, right? WRONG. She’s just barely holding it together. And she has to be the maid of honor.

When your life is already bordering on being miserable, the last thing you want to hear is how amazing someone else’s is. Her dead-end sales job, horrible roommates, and not-so-romantic one nightstand “boyfriend” aren’t anything to gloat about. Needless to say, Annie doesn’t hold it together for long taking the rest of the bridal party down with her.

Not only is Lillian’s engagement threatening Annie’s very existence, but Lillian’s new BFF is annoyingly perfect. She’s rich, beautiful, and the woman that every man wants to be with and every woman wants to be.

And this is you.

You’d feel jealous and maybe lose it a little bit too. Maybe you’d go AWOL. Who’s to say, really?

No bridal party, wedding, or friendship is perfect. Nothing will ever go as planned and this movie accentuates all that can go wrong to the extreme. What I adore most about this movie is the laugh-out-loud moments with Melissa McCarthy, the tensely awkward rivalry between Helen and Annie, and the heartwarming conversations with all the characters. Weddings can be a little (or a lot) insane at times. When your go-to best friend is going nuts to make the day perfect, chances are you’ll go a little nutty too.

It’s hard to believe anyone hasn’t already seen these movies, but if you haven’t I highly recommend them. If you have, it’s probably time to reminisce and watch them over again. As far as romcoms go, these classics simply never get old.

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