Please help us welcome Caity into the Bookmans events family! Caity has performed as our Event Liaison at Bookmans Flagstaff for over a month now and her introduction is overdue. Go ahead and applaud because she certainly deserves it. All the way from our cashier and customer service department, Caity makes big waves and we like it!

Caity Evans

Did you have a favorite event before becoming an event liaison?
I love the live performances we have in the Cafe, especially Ed Kabotie. He has this way of making it one continuous performance, its so relaxing and soothing. I still look forward to his performances every month.

What is the best thing about working at Bookmans?
I have always been a bit of a geek. And while my friends’ and family’s eyes will kinda glaze over if I’m explaining why a certain book is the greatest thing to ever enter my life, Bookmans people get it and are just as excited as you are. There is a real sense of kinship with both Bookmans team members and customers.

What new events are planned for the future?
The event that I’m really excited about right now is our Beatles trivia night next month. June is music month for Bookmans and I kinda figured the best way to celebrate would be a night dedicated to the greatest band that ever existed! I’m obviously a fan. I also can’t wait for our Damsel Saves the Day Book Club that will focus on young adult books with strong female characters.

What do you do in your spare time?
I am completely addicted to reading. Pretty much any spare moment is spent with my nose in a book. If I’m not reading, I’m binge watching British shows on Netflix or watching countless interviews with Benedict Cumberbatch on YouTube. I’d like to say I go hiking or save whales in my spare time, but really I’m a couch potato who obsesses over books and Marvel movies.

Team Gale or Team Peeta?
TEAM KATNISS! She is one of the most refreshing female characters to appear in a long time. She is a girl who is not trying to change the world or bring down the Capitol. She follows her instincts, and because of that she becomes the symbol for something much larger than herself. She’s so consumed with trying to survive and with the fear she has for her family that she can’t think romantically about anyone. Katniss is too busy accidentally starting a revolution to comprehend a boy who thinks she’s pretty. Katniss and Peeta wouldn’t be together if it wasn’t for the games. In fact Katniss probably wouldn’t have ended up with anyone. It was because of the games and everything that happened after that gave her the freedom to allow herself to be with Peeta. So, I’m team Katniss. ALWAYS.

We’re team Caity. Next time you stop by Bookmans Flagstaff say hello. You can always chat with her on Twitter @bookmansflag or visit our events calendar to see what free in-store events she has planned.