What do you get when you bring together cosplay corgi, artists, costumes, video game creators and comicon in one place? An epic event of booming proportions, that’s what. Controllers and Canvas 3.0 took place at Bookmans Mesa in our continually evolving, pop-culture eccentric Geek Corner. We were joined by Allen Amis Creations, Anabel Martinez, Red Nebula Studios, Chad Stafford, Phoenix Gaymers, Phoenix Comicon, University of Advancing Technology, Games CoLab and our star of the show, Kiba The Cosplay Corgi.

Each May all Bookmans locations throw video game-related events. After hosting years of video game challenges I wanted to try something different. I reached out to Anabel Martinez to pitch my plan. How to get gamers out of the living room and into a more interactive setting? Yes, we love playing video games, but that love shines through in so many other forms. In the Phoenix Metro area we have many talented artists and community organizations for we could tap to pursue this plan. The idea of Controllers and Canvas came about to get those artists, costumes, video game creators, fan films, etc. in front of their fans!

In 2013 at Phoenix Comicon we met Kiba The Cosplay Corgi and fell in love. I was beyond thrilled when his owner agreed to allow him to attend and be our special guest. I learned she is hugely involved with the Arizona Cactus Corgi Rescue. Yes, please! We decided to share Bookmans and Kiba’s passion for animal welfare with the Controllers and Canvas attendees. Who knew that at the event we would have a variety of costumed dogs including corgis. I could write on and on about why sitting on the floor with a dog in your lap is the most amazing thing ever.

Cubone, Costume Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who came out in costume, participated in the costume contest, petted the puppies, met the artists, supported the organizations and met with the Phoenix Comicon street team. Without your support to Bookmans and these artists, we wouldn’t be able to pull of these events. Look for another mini-event this fall as we invite Arizona Comic Mini Expo artists back and even a Controllers and Canvas 3.5. Want to see photos? Visit our Flickr page to see the amazing costumes!