If you have been in Bookmans Mesa in the last week or two, you likely noticed some changes. What kind of changes? Even better products! Even better customer service! How is this possible? To find out, let’s go behind the trade counter with Gus, our newest Electronics Manager.

Behind the Trade Counter with Gus

Driven by his love of video games and musical instruments, Gus took over the helm of Electronics and looks strong right out of the gate. His vision is clear, “To offer the best consumer electronics, video games and musical instruments at the best prices available.”

Gus is a native of Mesa, having gone to school and graduating here. As a youngster, he regularly visited Bookmans. If you ask him why he chose Bookmans for work, his response is simple, “Bookmans is the best bookstore in the valley. We offer a wide range of products, usually at half cover price, and we’re AWESOME.”

In his spare time, Gus enjoys his PS3, strumming his guitar and hanging out with his lady friend Hannah. His favorite game system is the N64, Super Smash in particular. He also enjoys soccer and Howard The Duck. (Who Doesn’t?) A fellow Star Wars buff, we believe Gus is the true pilot and secret owner of the Millennium Falcon. He loves The Beatles.

In addition to managing Electronics, Gus is also THE man to go to about Pokémon. He stocks, processes and fills our ever changing and growing stock of those common and hard to find Pokémon cards.

Stop in Bookmans Mesa‘s Electronics Department to meet Gus and to take advantage of the improved section. You can have total confidence in bringing in your systems, games and musical instruments in to Gus and his amazing team.