You may already know that we allow friendly, leashed dogs into all of our stores, but did you have any idea that we also employ them? Meet Daisy, the newest cashier at Bookmans Flagstaff. We don’t mind that she occasionally (read: always) drools on the merchandise, because she’s so dang cute. Daisy expresses a love for books and entertainment, and she’s perfect for the job, minus the floating yellow hairs that get on everything. Daisy is especially excited this April, when all six Bookmans locations celebrate the Earth and all things environmental.

Charity trains Daisy on the cash register.

Daisy works hard to get into the Bookmans groove. So far, she’s said that her favorite things about working here are the unlimited treats and a lunch break for napping. Next time you visit Bookmans Flagstaff, give Daisy a pat on the head and tell her that she’s a good girl.

Daisy familiarizes herself with the layout of the back storage room.

Daisy will help with plenty of Flagstaff’s April events, such as our Lorax Party and Seth Muller’s Book Release Party, while trying to be environmentally friendly as best as she can. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about her wasting precious natural resources like water, since she never uses a toilet, rarely showers and hardly ever brushes her teeth unless she makes special plans.

Daisy wishes she could go to the other stores to see what they’re doing for April’s Earth month. Unfortunately, she’s stuck up here since she doesn’t drive because she gets distracted by the other cars. She’s thrilled to be able to participate in Flagstaff Sustainability Program’s Energy Efficiency Workshop, though. Bookmans Phoenix is having a Crafty Cafe featuring Recycled Crafts and a most egg-celent Spring Eggstravaganza while their neighbors in Bookmans Mesa are having a Girl Scout Earth Party. Tucson will shows their love for our home planet during Mr. Nature’s Music Garden at Bookmans Speedway, a Mad Science Earth Day Celebration at Bookmans Ina, and recycled crafts every Friday at Bookmans Grant.

This April will be filled with mother earth, fun and plenty of FOOLing around!