By Corinne, Event Liaison at Bookmans Grant

When people ask me what my favorite holiday movie is I used to have trouble coming up with an answer. Gremlins is great but it used to give me nightmares as a kid. Polar Express is a beautiful story but it gave me nightmares as an adult. “Does Die Hard count?” I would ask after a long pause. After many seasons of self reflection, it finally hit me. One movie encompasses everything I want in a holiday film. Christmas songs sung by a girl with a voice smooth as silk, a story that highlights an unconventional family and the stress of modern day living, and a grown man trying to hug everyone. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s time you gathered up your loved ones and watch Elf.

Christmas Movies

Elf tells the story of a person raised as an elf in the North Pole. Once he realizes his true nature, he leaves for New York to find his “real” family. This movie rocketed Will Ferrell from his illustrious career on Saturday Night Live to full-blown movie star.

Ferrell’s portrayal of an out of place Santa’s Workshop employee in the opening scene is tragic and heartfelt, but it’s when he ventures into the world to find his dad that we get to see just how out of place he is. When he finds a job as an elf in a department store, he is in constant struggle with his boss about how elves should behave. When he goes to find his father (played by James Caan) at work he is laughed out of the building.

What makes the elf character so special is his ability to find joy in the common activities. Whether he is squealing while he runs around in a revolving door, giving a sincere congratulations to the employees at a diner after seeing a neon sign in their window that reads, “World’s Best Cup of Coffee,” or in my favorite line when he answers a business phone, “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” he never misses an opportunity to learn about the world around him. This movie is the perfect platform to show us the accessibility of his inner child, something we all have inside and which seems to need extra attention around the holidays.

Watching this movie I am reminded of the importance of feeling connected, especially this time of year. Everyone has their own holiday traditions and whether it’s making cookies with the family or playing a board game with friends the important thing is finding ways to strengthen those relationships most important to us. Bookmans is a great resource for all sorts of ways to bring your family together. With our huge selection of holiday supplies and gifts as well as upcoming holiday themed events and gift guides, we have a myriad of ways to help you make your loved ones feel loved.