The love of a fantasy novel stems from that first time you pick up a book in that genre. It takes you places that you never even dreamed of, never dared to think up and sucks you in so deep that some part of you lives in that world forever. That was Everworld for me. This magical new place that I had never known existed had been around since 1999 and was written by Animorphs author, K.A. Applegate. It was a tween’s dream. A coming of age story about the first signs of love, magic, other realms and of course out of this world creatures. The best part about this series is that each book is only about 200 pages long. A nice little #SnackRead (let’s make that a thing!) for the fantasy lover, no matter what gender or age they are.



The books start out with David Levin, a new student at a high school where there are never any new students. David finds himself friends with a group of people who are more like acquaintances. The group consist of Christopher, Jalil, April and Senna, who is the love interest of both Christopher and David. Senna tells David that she sees things before they happen. She warns of something terrible that is going to happen to her and pleads with him to save her when it does. Not really believing her, David goes along his day like normal. At night, he dreams of her. Strange dreams where flowers are fake, nothing seems quite right and Senna is as cold as ice. When he wakes, he has a pulling feeling to go out for a run. His run leads him to a lake where he sees Senna by herself in the early morning hours. Looking around the lake he finds that he isn’t alone. Christopher, April, and Jalil are all there and equally confused. Once Senna realizes they are all there she turns to them, her mouth forms the word “no” and the entire universe rips apart behind her. So, they follow and find themselves in a world they could never have imagined. Now they have to find Senna and get home without losing their lives. Or their minds. Or both!

“There is a place that shouldn’t exist. But Does. And there are creatures that shouldn’t exist. But do. Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real-and often deadly. Welcome to Everworld.”

This is a twelve book whirlwind series. The first is called the Search for Senna and it does not disappoint. The book series even has a companion music CD titled The Everworld Experience. It includes 4 songs that were wisely chosen to go along with the series emotions. This series is for anyone and everyone who is open to using their imagination. The action starts right away and doesn’t let up at all. A truly intense read, the action scenes are heart-pounding adrenaline rushes described at break-neck speed. If you’re looking for some great summer reading, look no further! Just be sure to buy all of them, since they all tend to end on a massive cliff-hanger.

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