Long ago, in the center of the Central Dominance, was a land called Luthadel. It was here, almost a thousand years ago, where the city’s prophesied hero from myth and legend rose to slay a great and terrifying evil. He lost. The powerful Lord Ruler took over and controls the lands where ash pours from the sky and thick mists cover the lands every night. How do you come back from such a loss? Assemble the best heist this world has ever seen and take the power back! How? That’s where Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson gets good.

Bookmans Recommends: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Enter Kelsier, with help from his friends. They believe the Prophecies are lies and came up with a plan to take back the power from the Dark Lord. Together, they plan to become the fabled hero team and take down Lord Ruler once and for all. Together they realize there’s more to the story than they thought possible. Where overlords run amok, creatures hide within the mists, blue beasts wield swords and where magic and love are one in the same. The scene is set for this action packed, tear filled, epic trilogy by the masterfully talented author, Brandon Sanderson.

This is only one out of the plethora of books authored by Brandon Sanderson. He is one of those authors who captures your heart through his writing and makes you want to devour any book he creates. Even if you aren’t (yet) a fan of epic fantasy, trust us that you won’t regret picking up this series. This trilogy has something for everyone–a magic system that blows your mind, romance, action, heartbreak and a new world with secrets in every corner.

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