The power of three! Cher is a queen unto herself but with the aid of Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci, there’s no way the movie Mermaids wouldn’t become an immediate favorite. This movie is a female powerhouse with every moment packed full of womanly angst and emotion!

Bookmans Recommends: Mermaids

Charlotte Flax, played by Ryder, is a 15-year-old-girl whose self-absorbed mother (played by Cher) drags her across the country after failed romance forces them to bail. When the family rolls into Eastport Massachusetts, Charlotte’s latest obsession with Catholism ramps up when she discovers a convent of nuns are their closest neighbors. Unfortunately for Charlotte, Joe, the caretaker of the convent, is a beast of studly proportions. She falls in love despite her aspirations of celibacy and religious devotion.

Told from Charlotte’s perspective, Mermaids leads us on a dizzying journey of love, hope and the trials and tribulations only a teenage girl can endure. With her unpredictable mother and swimming-impassioned younger sister (played by Christina Ricci), Charlotte’s life is far from dull.

This movie is every bit a coming of age tale, but set in the 1960s with an ideal cast (three generations of perfection), Mermaids engrosses all audiences. Released in 1990 by Orion Pictures and to critical acclaim, Mermaids isn’t just a ’90s film, it is a forever film. Not only will you enjoy Mermaids, you’ll love all our other cult classics as well.

If you love the movie, you’ll also want to check out the book written by Patty Dann. It would be hard to top the phenomenal cast in this movie, but who knows, maybe the book will be better! If you’d like to read like Cher’s character, pick up a copy of Peyton Place, which she devours while taking a bubble bath.

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