After three years at Bookmans Flag, I, Caity Evans, Events Liaison and lover of Flagstaff, move on to new and thrilling adventures. Before you start rioting/dancing in the streets, know that, though I leave this beautiful mountain town, I do not leave Bookmans. As if I could part ways with this rad company! Soon I make my way to Tucson, the birthplace of Bookmans, for a new position as Community Relations Manager. I am excited for this great job opportunity. I’m equally ecstatic to live in T-town, where I can soak up that desert culture. From attending the All Souls Procession to overcoming my fear of reptiles at the Sonora Desert Museum, the possibilities to #GeekOut are endless. I am making plans already!

Caity Looks Forward to Tucson Attractions

Hike it up!
I’m not an avid hiker but I get outside as much as possible. With an active border collie, regular hikes are part of my weekly routine. Since my move became official, I made a point of reading up on local trails. I found the trail reviews at Bookmans Sports really helpful. Hiking the trails on Mt. Lemmon seems ideal for easing into the Tucson landscape.

Attend the Buddhist book club at Bookmans Grant.
Learning more about Buddhist practices and teachings has been on my radar for quite a while but until now I haven’t had the opportunity to do so. Bookmans Grants’ Buddhist Book Club invites both total beginners and awakened Buddhas to an open discussion of dharma teachings. Sounds enlightening.

Catch a show at The Rialto Theatre.
Just checking out The Rialto’s calendar gets me psyched. The Indigo Girls? Ani Defranco? Brandi Carlile and Old Crow Medicine Show at Ava Amphitheater (not technically at The Rialto, but still a Rialto show)? Uh, yes please! Also shout out to The Rialto for spelling theater with an “re” ending. Don’t know why, but it makes me feel fancy.

Eat all the food.
They have a tamale company guys–a company completely devoted to tamales! I am going to eat all the Sonoran-style Mexican food I can get my greedy little hands on. Arizona is known for its cuisine but I have to admit Tucson’s restaurants are second to none. My mouth waters just thinking of all the Sonoran hot dogs I’m going to consume, provided I can find a vegetarian version.

This post is all about Tucson but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how much I will miss the serene beauty of Northern Arizona and the amazing folks at Bookmans Flag. Three years ago Flagstaff welcomed me from California. I spent those years working where I got to be surrounded by books and talking about Star Wars, comics and music with co-workers and customers. It’s a dream. Seriously.