It’s Bookmans’ good fortune to have so many talented coworkers and that includes Donivan Berube at Bookmans Flagstaff. Donivan and his collaborator/wife, Jacquelyn Beaupré, make up the alterna-folk band Blessed Feathers. This March and April, the duo took their magical sounds to Denmark for a 2-week tour.

Blessed Feathers Returns to Flagstaff after Denmark Tour

Donivan and Jacqulyn hanging in front of 1400 year old viking ruins in Sweden

While we missed our dear Donivan, it was cool knowing that Blessed Feathers delighted fans in Denmark. They had a grand time on the tour, which made it easier to handle the brief separation from our international superstar. The duo played at six venues around Denmark. When not performing, Donivan and Jackie visited local record stores and restaurants.

With a foundation in acoustic music, Blessed Feathers has a sound that is as earthy as it is ethereal. Their music has been described as rustic and adventurous, with a beauty that sticks with listeners. They have three albums to their credit and continue to grow as songwriters and performers.

We are fans of their music and we also love Donivan and Jackie’s backstory. In February 2013, the couple quit their jobs, put their belongings into storage and traveled from their home state of Wisconsin on an odyssey around the U.S. All the while, Donivan and Jackie lived out of an orange tent. (Orange!) Having seen beautiful Flagstaff, the couple permanently settled here in 2015. Donivan found his way to Bookmans where he is an integral part of the music department.

Donivan and Jackie inspire us to boldly celebrate life! Our music scene is all the better for having Flagstaff serve as headquarters for Blessed Feathers and we are fortunate to have Donivan and his vast musical knowledge and talent at Bookmans Flagstaff. We anticipate great things as Blessed Feathers continues to create amazing music. You can find their LPs (yes, real vinyl) at Bookmans Flagstaff.

* Bookmans is your store to explore, but if you are looking for a particular Blessed Feather’s album or any other specific title, give us a call and we’ll check our orange shelves for you. We have the best time when you come in and browse our selection, so stop by any time.