You want to buy your person an awesome gift, but you would prefer to get them something really really cool for not a lot of cash money. No mugs (unless it’s a Doctor Who mug), no ties (OK, maybe a Darth Vader tie), no ‘As Seen on TV’ gadget (they never work anyway). What is a proper Geek with properly Geeky friends supposed to do?? Go to Bookmans of course!! Not only can you purchase your gifts with Trade Credit (so put away that credit card – the interest rate is waaay too high). You can find the most unique gifts in our Geek Zone. You might want to cry “but they are used!!”. Well, yes they are but this isn’t Manhattan my friend and we do things different in these parts and we only purchase items that are in the best quality. Also, you might be surprised to discover that the items you find in our Geek Zone (and all over our vast spectacular Showrooms of Quirkiness) LOOK NEW. Most of the time we have to tell folks that our merchandise is used, and they are amazed. Your friends and family will be so shocked with awe and gratitude for the truly cool gift you gave them that it will never occur to think past their amazement that they actually received a gift that they wanted. Yeah, that could be YOU giving those gifts. So lets have a quick look at some of the fabulous fabulousness you can achieve by giving your peeps gifts from Bookmans!


Bookmans has comic books and graphic novels of every single type, style and genre imaginable. Even some you haven’t heard of (which would make you really cool because you can say it’s an ‘underground’ gift). We also have action figures – those are fun. Many of them come with accessories and pose-able parts so your friends can pose them for hilarious Instagram pics. You might be surprised to know that there action figures for every single character imaginable – probably. Does anyone in your universe or on your gift list collect Pop! figures? We have all of them and some are really interesting. Check out Hook with Excalibur from Once Upon A Time, President Snow from Hunger Games or Adventure Time’s Jake Car with Finn (the car is tiny and yellow like my old VW bug). We Love Titans has a teeny little Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad and many others.

If your people love Star Trek or Star Wars we have every possible thing they could want. Figures, glasses, masks, actual Darth Vader heads, notebooks, Christmas ornaments, pens, tee shirts, back packs – everything. Posters too. Lots of people like posters.

Last, but far from least, we have books. Mountains of gaming, humor, and collectable books. For the gamers on your gift list grab a copy of Ethan Gilsdorf’s Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks. This novel chronicles the “epic quest for reality among role players, online gamers and other dwellers of the imaginary realms.” Perfect.

We also have all the best vintage and new Role Playing Games and accessories including RPG guides (cough-Changeling The Dreaming guide-cough). I would play this game just because of it’s simulated stained glass cover with a sword-carrying dragon. For the junior geeks on your list we have the entire series of Star Wars kids picture books like Star Wars Epic Yarns, A New Hope. These perfectly adorable little books feature photos of Star Wars characters (made of precisely detailed cloth) doing Star Wars things. Think of this; these books are so amazing that your junior geeks will probably still like them when they are teens! Win, win.

You get the point, right? We have a super Geek Zone that has so many possibilities that you are certain to be the Hero of Christmas. If you are free this Saturday, December 10th 1-3pm, come by Bookmans East for our Cosplay Christmas. Many of Tucson’s Cosplay groups, artists, authors and Gamers will be here for the fun. Let’s get dressed up for the holidays this year – IN COSTUMES!