It’s a new year, full of possibility! This is the perfect time for ambitious resolutions, trying unfamiliar things and reevaluating goals. But remember to put that special someone first — YOU! We celebrate Jan-YOU-Ary all month long at Bookmans with rejuvenating events and activities. Each store hosts free and fun ways to put the spark back in your winter. From crafty vision boards to Sherlock parties to Nerd Slams, our Event Calendar has something for everyone. This Jan-YOU-ary, tend to yourself and watch what blossoms!


Check out a sample of what we have in store for YOU this January. Bookmans Phoenix celebrates with New Year, New You, the Sherlock Social and Party at Paddington Station. Bookmans Mesa hosts an afternoon of crafts sure to recharge creativity. Bookmans Flagstaff rounds up “Dungeon Masters, Trekkies and inhabitants of Middle Earth” for Nerd Slam 2015 at Firecreek Coffee. Also at Bookmans Flagstaff, a rad Super Smash Bros. Tournament. Bookmans Grant welcomes 2015 festivities at 1st Friday Fun. Bookmans Ina chills out with the Snow Princess Party. Bookmans Speedway brings back their annual Wellness Fair, packed full of local businesses and organizations.

To get 2015 off to a happy start, we share ten of our favorite 30 Ways to Stop and Smell the Roses courtesy of writer and adventurer Nisha Moodley. You can do almost all of these at your closest Bookmans location. Check out the full list for ways to feel great every day in Jan-You-ary.

  1. Practice winking with both eyes.
    Do it in the mirror and laugh about how funny you look.
  2. Buy a magazine that you normally wouldn’t.
    What’s a subject matter that you’ve never explored? Cross-stitch? Motorcycle racing? Interior design? Check out something you know nothing about.
  3. Watch a dog for 2 minutes.
    They make the funniest little expressions.
  4. Buy a gift for someone else.
    Receiving a gift is heartwarming. Giving a gift is a thrill.
  5. Thank the cashier.
    Imagine interacting with hundreds of people each day and having next-to-none of them give you the time of day. Be the one who does.
  6. Find a plant to water.
    Water it, then touch the leaves to say Hi.
  7. Watch bugs in the grass.
    It helps if you lie down.
  8. Buy crayons.
    Ask for a piece of paper and spend your lunch break coloring.
  9. Ask a little girl what she’s reading these days…
    …instead of telling her that her shoes are pretty. She knows.
  10. Read your favorite book from age 12.
    I’m about to re-read Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

For more free and fun Jan-YOU-ary events at Bookmans and in the community, peruse our Events Calendar. We’re wishing you a happy and healthy new year from the Bookmans family to yours!