What first comes to mind when you think of the Mesa/Tempe area? Tempe Town Lake? Are we a university town or known for our art fairs? Did live music pop into your head? Well, it should! Tempe has a long history as a musical hub, going all the way back to early Victorian times and through the era of Rock-n-Roll. To honor that history, Bookmans Mesa started a new monthly musical event series we call “Spotlight On Sound”. Ranging from Rockabilly to Indie to R and B to Acoustic, every month we showcase incredible talent from around the East Valley.

Spotlight on Sound

If you missed our first performer last month, check out our upcoming performers Anthony Fama on March 27, Jake Paxton on April 17 and Michael Elijah on May 15.

If you are a musician and interested in becoming part of our exciting new live performance series Spotlight On Sound, please contact me at ToddW@Bookmans.com today!