Some things should just stay animated.

Disney buffs: Are you absolutely stoked for the releases of Disney’s live-action movies this year? I was ecstatic when I learned that The Lion King and Aladdin were both on the list for upcoming revamps. The news of all the upcoming releases had me wondering. Some Disney movies would be either horrifying or just plain weird if they because live action films! Here are the top six movies that should not be live action.

Toy Story

Need I say more? This magical coming of age story of toys coming to life would be absolutely terrifying in real life. I’ll be honest, I’m more afraid of how the sadistic character Sid would be portrayed. Also, don’t forget about that weird spider baby! I vote no on this one.


I already cry enough during this movie. Seeing it live action would just tear my little heart to pieces. However, one of my all time favorite characters is Thumper, and watching a live-action Thumper would destroy his little cartoon perfection.


Here we have a Disney masterpiece. Definitely on my list of favorite animated movies. There is something about watching a CGI rat cooking your favorite gourmet dish that is… unsettling. Keep Remi 2D animated and keep me happy.

Finding Nemo

It would be like Planet Earth without the commentary. Oh yeah… and Darla. (Chills are running down my spine.)  While a 3D version of Finding Nemo would be awesome, a live-action remake would be just weird. They’re fish, after all.

A Bug’s Life

When I was little, I had nightmares about the grasshoppers in this movie. I’d prefer not to see a giant Hopper or Thumper in my dreams again. That’s enough for me to add this one to the list.

The Aristocats

Okay, this one is more believable. Everyone loves a good ol’ viral cat video! But a two-hour long movie of cats who are kit-napped by a mean butler just screams heartache. A live action scene with the cat playing piano does sound intriguing though. I’d rather revisit the classic cartoon and skip the live action.

What movies do you want to see Disney revamp? Need a refresher before you see them in theaters? Stop by a Bookmans near you and grab a copy of your favorite Disney classic!