Bookmans employees have a lot of opinions, mostly about entertainment. Being surrounded by books, music and movies day in and day out are bound to make you choose quality favorites. Janessa, a baristas in the Bookmans Flagstaff Cafe, has terrific taste in entertainment. I’m not just saying that because she makes delicious drinks filled with enough caffeine to make my sloth-like mornings more productive. I asked Janessa for her picks for music, movies, television and books.


Book: Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Miller, “for people sick of sad, whiny chicks.”
Music: The Verve Pipe by The Freshman
Movie: Safety Not Guaranteed, “for people looking for something unique and hopeful.”
TV Show: Sherlock
Thanks, Janessa, for sharing all of your favorite things — and for this cuppa. We’d love to hear from you too. What are some of your favorites?