Bookmans Speedway has a sweet Fender Stratocaster made in Mexico. Nothing beats a Fender. They are the most versatile guitars and this one is a real beauty. Imagine a 21 fret, maple neck, alder body with a black cherry finish in your hands. This guitar may not last long on our floor, but for now Bookmans Speedway indulges your Fender Strat fantasies.

Bookmans Speedway Indulges Your Fender Strat Fantasies

This single coil neck, center pickup and humbucker bridge pickup along with the 5-way switch, allows you to go from a nice, clean rhythm sound to a fat, sharp lead sound. If Hendrix were here he would especially admire the synchronized tremolo, better known as the whammy bar, for your epic dive bombs. Let’s not forget the recessed 1/4 jack that enables you to move like Jagger.

Who are your heroes? If you say Clapton, Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Pearl Jam you can join their ranks because they all played a Fender and loved it. Don’t wait. There is only one of these precious babies on our floor. You can purchase it with Trade Credit. If you go Stevie Ray Vaughn on it, don’t worry. Our expert Musical Instrument Repair Department can get it back in shape. If you want to go from smooth to wicked in a single chord, get on over to Bookmans Speedway. Your baby awaits.

* Bookmans is your store to explore. You can enjoy an afternoon browsing our musical instrument offerings, but if you’re looking for this Fender Strat or another particular instrument, please feel free to call ahead. We’ll be happy to check our shelves for you and place an item on temporary hold.