Indulge in your love of horror with spooky stories, ghost tales and paranormal romance to celebrate the season. Bookmans Speedway’s well-read employees have a keen eye for the best of the scariest. All such selections are on our Employee Picks Horror display. Our wide range of fiction and nonfiction titles to choose from will set your heart racing.

Speedway Horror

Fiction gets spooky with Night Bites: Tales of Blood and Lust. This collection edited by Victoria A. Brownworth features vampire stories by female authors and includes 16 never before published sexy, subversive tales in a range of styles. Howl at the Moon by Christine Warren is one of the “Novel of the Others” series. If werewolves are your prey, read about the Siverback Clan, a werewolf clan under investigation by a lupine scientist who wishes to develop human soldiers with werewolf sharp senses. Roderick Anscombe Bloomsbury’s The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula is a wicked read on an October evening. This stunning re-invention of the Dracula myth is a compelling story of evil, madness and twisted sexuality.

Peel back the veil of reality to have a look at our nonfiction selections. Z Is for Zombie: An Illustrated Guide to the End of the World written by Adam-Troy Castro and illustrated by Johnny Atomic is a fun look into the world of zombies. “A is for Apocalypse, B is for Buried and C is for Cannibalistic,” begins this wonderful graphic zombie guide. Take a haunted weekend to visit the Ghosts of the Copper Queen Hotel. This journal relates actual experiences from historic Copper Queen hotel guests. These eye-witness accounts are perfect for story telling around your Halloween campfire. For more fearful nonfiction, read up with The Best of Ghosts Caught on Film. This work by Melvyn Willin and Jim Eaton displays the paranormal and supernatural caught on camera.

The unexplained, back from the dead, photographing the invisible, undead romance and tales of terror are hand picked by our spooky staff for your spine chilling enjoyment. Stop by Bookmans Speedway to fill your haunted basket with tales of horror. The season is upon us and we know just what scares you!