When you work at Bookmans you face temptation every minute of the day. The seemingly endless supply of desirable items threatens our ability to purchase only what we can comfortably fit on our shelves. Consequently, we put on blinders when we work the trade counter. BUT since we gave ourselves the freedom to overtly geek out this one month, we remove the blinders for a single day to marvel at the amazing things you bring to us. This way, you will know how much self restraint we practice behind the trade counter.

housewares behind the trade counter

The color and condition are a huge factor when it comes to buying housewares, and this deal is a perfect example of what we find attractive. We look for form and function because good housewares serve more than just one purpose. Fiestaware pitchers, unique wall art, gently used kitchen goods and hand painted skulls — SCORE! To top it off, the deal includes a vintage soda stream. As Abbi from Broad City says, “I will not buy a SodaStream full price, Bevers! I won’t do it!”

books behind the trade counter

While the work of Man Ray is packaged in a variety of mediums, he is best known for his photography. This beautiful collection focuses on his portraits of women shot in the 1930s-40s. It clearly shows how ahead of his time he was. This book came in with many other books of photography, which, depending on the subject, we always look for.

dvds behind the trade counter

Tired of waiting for Shark Week on Discovery channel? Pick up this DVD and it can be Shark Week at your house all year long. Box sets are always in demand at Bookmans. Because they are usually full of extras, box sets are also perfect for super fans.

All that cool stuff in just one day! We are fortunate to have loyal customers who bring us their gently used items for store credit or cash. We are happy to to explain our offers, so never hesitate to ask questions if you want to know why we did or did not buy something. Store credit never expires and is good at all our locations including Bookmans Sports.