Review by Darcy Short

October is the best time of year for spooky reads and you can’t find one much better than Song of Kali by Dan Simmons. While this is not your typical horror novel, the chills it gives the reader are all the fashion this season.

Song of Kali by Dan Simmons

Song of Kali is the story of American Robert Luczak, editor of a small respectable literary journal. He is offered the chance to travel to Calcutta to retrieve new work from a famous Indian poet named M. Das, missing for many years and long thought dead. He brings his family, his beautiful Indian wife Amrita and their baby daughter Victoria. What Luczak finds in Calcutta is a festering, putrid city, a cast of shady characters, and a cult of the Hindu goddess of death Kali. To say more would give away too much. The slow build and atmosphere of this novel are well worth the wait. Its insights into the darkest parts of human nature are far more terrifying than any monster and make it a must for any horror fan.

Song Of Kali by Dan Simmons
Publisher: Orion Publishing Group
PubDate: 2008
ISBN: 9780575085916