Bookmans appreciates used media. Whether it be books, video games or musical instruments, we reinvented what it means to buy used. For our customers who dig the sound emanating from the black wax medium, select Bookmans stock of new vinyl. Though we are still very much the rebels who sell used, vintage and rare items like hard to find Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished by Animal Collective, your friendly neighborhood Bookmans delves into selling brand new, still sealed, shiny and pristine vinyl records for the music connoisseur in all of us.

New Vinyl at Bookmans

Newly minted albums like Weekend’s Starboy can be picked up from the cases at all of our Bookmans locations. New vinyl is marked as new on the price sticker on the back of the album. Because the records are brand new and sealed they have a modified refund policy. We cannot offer a refund once the seal on the album has been broken, but will consider the return at our trade counter as we would any used deal.

Though we’ve recently started selling the new stuff, let’s not forget how awesome buying used can be! Everything from the classic rock albums you grew up listening to like Zeppelin II to more recent albums like Coming Home by Leon Bridges, can be found at your local Bookmans. We take care to inspect each record that comes to our trade counter to ensure that it is in good condition. If you do run into any issues with your purchase of used vinyl, our normal return policy applies to that purchase.

New Vinyl at Bookmans

With both new and used records to choose from you will find your next great LP love at Bookmans. Come see what new vinyl we have in store. Grab your trade credit before you leave home!

* Bookmans is your store to explore. If you would like to pick up new vinyl or a particular album, please give us a call and we will check our shelves for you. Otherwise, we hope you will come and browse.