Summer is in full swing and so are Bookmans Free Summer Kids Events. The third week in June, we focused on the Earth and outer space by creating recycled works of art and looking into the great beyond. Kids and families made cool crafts to take home and enjoyed fun activities. Every week is a blast at Bookmans Free Summer Kids Events. Check out our Event Calendar for a fun and free event near you.

Summer Kids Events 2014

Bookmans Flagstaff
Bookmans Flagstaff was all about rock and roll and recycling last week. Kids made their own instruments out of recycled materials from home. Combining ukeleles, guitars, drums, kazoos and rain sticks, they created a custom sound and debuted a live album performance of the “Bookmans Band” — sure to go platinum! It was a rocking good time for all of our little rockstars. Take a look at all the fun on our Flickr page.

Bookmans Mesa
Nothing says relaxation, reading and comfort like a personalized Bookmans T-shirt. Kids decorated their own stylin’ Bookmans tees at Bookmans Mesa. Summer just got a lot more fashionable with cute designs and flair. Look out, Valley of the Sun couture! Check out all the awesome creations at our Flickr page.

Bookmans Phoenix
The Phoenix Astronomical Society and Phoenix Public Library joined Bookmans Phoenix for a celestial good time. Kids blasted into summer with fun and intergalactic activities including a safe solar viewing through real telescopes and a chance to hold actual asteroid pieces. To add to the fun, families created and named their own planets and quirky aliens. To infinity and beyond! Take a look at the cosmic antics on our Flickr page.

Bookmans Speedway, Grant and Ina
All around Tucson, kids got creative with “Crafting Gone Crazy.” Speedway took a cue from recycled books and album cover journals to create custom sketchbooks. The craft was simple and basic; take an old album cover, cut it down to your selected size, punch holes in one side and bind them together. Most homes don’t come with a binding machine, so kids used ribbon, twine and yarn to tie the front and back covers stuffed with unlined paper together. Markers, crayons, stickers and, of course, plenty of glitter were used to personalize the books. The best part of this sketchbook is that it’s possible to add paper for more prolific artwork and writings. Ina was inspired by Pinterest to create crafts from recycled materials. Old CDs and DVDs were transformed into shiny fish decorations. Check out more fun Bookmans events on our Flickr page.