Surprise! If you haven’t heard, Bryson Tiller had an early release of his new album True to Self. Time to drop in with a review. I’ve been exploring this album since its unexpected release last week, and there is still a lot to drive in to with 19 tracks and a 58 minute runtime.

Bryson Tiller

Basically, if you’re expecting reckless bangers this isn’t your album. These tracks feel more like insight into Tiller’s authentic side as he shares his feels on personal experiences. So far this album is pretty dense, giving you the sense that he tore down some walls for this one. The album has a nice flow and I would recommend a listen without hitting the shuffle button. If music affects your mood easily, keep in mind that this album can be a bit sulky for a straight-through listen. I’ll be honest, I feel like it takes time to adjust to Tiller’s album, but I do believe it will get better every time you listen to it. On that note, I won’t leave without at least offering my top favorite songs from the album:

Track 1 | Rain On Me (Intro)
This track is labeled as an intro and it is a solid opening to the album, giving you an inside peak into the more vulnerable side of Tiller and his hope that his relationship will “survive.” Bryson’s intro goes over everything from regrets, assumptions, wants, needs, and most importantly, a future.

Track 13 | Stay Blessed
Good or bad, Bryson’s mood is making waves in this track. From the sound of it, he is facing an ex who has been trying to get him to commit to their toxic relationship. He makes it very clear that he needs change and wants to figure out if he is losing himself or staying “true to self.”

Track 17 | Before You Judge Me
This track feels like a trip back to the Bryson Tiller we are used to hearing. His confident vibe goes the distance with this song. It feels like he is starting to reclaim himself saying that he is leaving God to fix his other struggles.

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