Warning!!! Bookmans has Movie Madness, a highly contagious disease that causes one to think of nothing else but cinema. Oh, the agony that is our obsession with cult, comedy and action films. We can’t get enough! All six Bookmans locations are hosting free, fun and film-tastic events to lure innocent customers to our stores. We invite you to attend these sensational cinematic events at your own risk and be warned that you will most likely catch this silver screen sickness. Side effects include an unexplained affinity for Star Wars, a furious fondness for Minions and an unrequited love for The Labyrinth. In other words, we’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more movies. Not to worry, Bookmans has you covered with our vast selection of films on DVD, BluRay and even VHS. We feel confident that you will have a marvelous time at your local Bookmans location this month. Movie Madness will reawaken your love for the movies.

Movie Madness 8-16 square


Bookmans Grant pulls out the big guns with Movie in the Parking Lot featuring The Labyrinth. Complete with fun crafts and food trucks galore, their Movie Madness may just be the worst case we’ve ever seen. Resist if you can this children’s classic and the delicious delicacies provided by automobile.

Like a spider to a fly, Bookmans Speedway ensnares us with their Movie Madness Star Wars event. How can we possibly resist a Force such as this?

Bookmans Ina tempts us with free popcorn and fun activities at their Family Movie Night. How dare you stoop so low as to bribe us with free delicious popcorn.

Bookmans Mesa tries to spread the Madness by appealing to families and hosting a super cute Hooray for Hollywood story time. That’s low, Mesa. We’re on to your ploy of using story time to trick us into sharing your sick obsession with movies (said like the narcoleptic Argentinian in Moulin Rouge.)

Bookmans Phoenix is no better. They’ve taken the sacred International Day of Friendship holiday and used it to trap innocent Bookmans customers into attending their Friendship Day Dance Party. How dare you taint the art of the dance with your Movie Madness?! Sure, they aren’t “playing” any “actual movies” but they have movie-inspired moxie! Don’t even get us started on Minion Madness. Luring us in with your adorable, overall-clad fellows and fabulous crafts. No shame!

Don’t whatever you do, fall for the trickery of the Dungeons and Dragons Game Night at Bookmans Flagstaff. Another cheap tactic to get us in the store and see all the awesome movies lining their shelves. We see right through you, Bookmans Flag! And the audacity to host a Comedy Night with Tiny Punches Improv, brazen!

Now that you’ve been warned that you will surely catch MOVIE MADNESS, don’t miss these awesome sounding, sure to be fun events. For more information about events at all your favorite Bookmans locations, visit bookmans.com/events.