The greatest part of working for Bookmans is the endless opportunities to advance and work in different departments of the store. Aside from our amazing book, music, electronics and instrument buyers we have an array of behind-the-scenes employees working hard to make all of our Bookmans the best possible experience, every time. Currently, our beloved kids room guru Mariko has been promoted to Visual Merchandiser. Mariko now spends her days sprucing up the stores appeal.

Have you ever wondered who comes up with the brilliant display tables we have around store or why just the right stack of books inspires you to read? Mariko’s your gal. From true crime displays to historical fiction, dog toys to adult coloring books, she makes sure all the best items are on the sales floor showing at their finest.


We took a few minutes a few minutes to chat and get the inside scoop on Mariko and her history here at Bookmans.

We asked, she answered.

How long have you worked at Bookmans?

Approximately 7 years, and hopefully many more to come!

Which departments have you worked in?

I started as a cashier, like most people, and then moved into the book department about 3 months later. I worked there for a few years and then was promoted to the kids department. I had been in the kids department for 4 years and was a “pseudo” visual merchandiser for 6 months on top of that. I mainly just did the window displays and signs for the store but now, I am the official visual merchandiser and also oversee the kids department until a trained replacement is ready.

What is your favorite department?

I think I still like the kids room the best but I also like Art, Crafts and Cooking.

What do you love about being a Visual Merchandiser?

I think my favorite thing is being able to organize the store. That was also my favorite thing in the kids room. Anyone who knows me knows I am very particular about how things are stocked and merchandised.

What is the coolest thing you’ve found while working here?

It still has to be the taxidermy deer bust I found my first year working here but I’ve also found some great antique jewelry.

It’s no secret you love horror movies, do you have any suggestions for our customers?

The Loved Ones was great. I also really liked It Follows, no matter what people say, and the Babadook.  This is hard because I have a bad long term memory. Man Bites Dog is also good.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I am pretty boring most of the time, but, I read A LOT, like a book every couple days. I also recently started gardening and that’s been fun, although hot now. When I’m not lazy I like to spend time with my family as well.

Do you have any particular hobbies you enjoy?

I collect Antique/Victorian jewelry, taxidermy, vintage and modern clothing, vinyl and obscure books. I make clothing, dye fabric, fiber arts in general and I used to have a four-harness loom that I wove on.  I can draw, but can’t paint. As dorky as it sounds I love to clean and organize my house. (Which makes her the PERFECT visual merchandiser!)

Mariko is our little store pixie who moves a mile-a-minute and comes up with the most clever ideas. Next time you stop by make sure to take a peak at the amazing front window display and check our display tables. You’re sure to find a gem that’s been purposefully displayed just for you. Bookmans may be the best store to shop in, and it is also the best store to work in. Give Mariko a pat on the back for being a phenomenal new contribution to our Bookmans Grant family.