Memorial Day officially marks the beginning of the summer season. As we welcome sunny weather, creek days, summer concerts and afternoons sipping cool beverages on the patio, let Bookmans set you up with the perfect start. This year, we encourage everyone to head to Flagstaff. We took a very serious poll among Bookmans Flagstaff employees and customers to determine what would be the perfect Memorial Day. There is no shortage of fun activities and cool places to see in Flagstaff, but here are just a few suggestions in our guide to the perfect Memorial Day.

Geek Games

Step 1) Breakfast at MartAnne’s.

If you have not had MartAnnes and you’re currently living in Flagstaff, then we have one question for you. What have you been doing with your life? MartAnne’s gets the full Bookmans stamp of approval when it comes to an amazing breakfast. Really, they get like forty stamps. They’re that good. Authentic Mexican food, great coffee and worship worthy orange juice. It’s a minor object of worship to many who have tasted this nectar of the gods. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and MartAnne’s is the most important breakfast. Insider tip, try the Emmet! It’s vegan and delicious.

Step 2) You knew it was coming. Stop by Bookmans!

Bookmans has special hours on Memorial Day, so you must be serious about squeezing it into your schedule. A perfectly perfected day would be perpetually imperfect without a stop at your fave book store would it not? Okay. We are done getting all Seuss-y on you, or at least trying to. You’re gonna want to stop in and pick up that latest mystery novel you’ve been craving. Trust us, you will need it later on in your perfect day. Come see us between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Step 3) Schools out and kids are free at Lowell Observatory.
From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., kids get in free at Lowell! Get up close and personal with the Sun at their Solar Viewings at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Check out the Pluto Tour at 2 p.m. With so much cool stuff to check out, the little ones are sure to be thrilled at learning about our solar system. Don’t you fret Pluto, they might have revoked your planet card but you will always be planet in our hearts.

Step 4) Grab a bite to eat at Diablo Burger.

Now that you’ve spent a collected 4 to 5 hours perusing Bookmans shelves and gazing at the stars, you’ve probably worked up quite an appetite. Drop in Diablo Burger for a Memorial Day feast to satisfy that carnivorous appetite of yours. In a league of their own, DB’s entire menu of burgers are made from 100% grass-fed, free range local Arizona beef. Plus, their fries are awesome.

Step 5) Geek Out at Game Night.

Catch the tail end of Bookmans Presents: Geek Games 2015 at The Hotel Weatherford. Open to all ages, provided those under age are with an adult, the whole family can enjoy a fun board. Mom and Dad can sip on a frothy beer and the little ones can enjoy a Shirley Temple, with extra cherries of course.

Step 6) Relax.

Your know that bestseller you bought earlier? The one that’s hanging out in your tote teasing you this whole day and begging to be read? After you finally made it home after hanging all day with friends and family, find comfiest chair in your house. Sit in that chair, crack that spine and chill. See, now isn’t that, well, what is the word we’re looking for? Oh yeah, Perfect.

This year we’ll enjoy the perfect Memorial Day in Flagstaff. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and feel free to spend your holiday however you want. We do hope you’ll stop in and say hello. We miss you when you’re gone. Happy Memorial Day friends!