Bookmans is proud of our electronics departments stocked with the most popular and new video game titles, gaming accessories and consumer electronics. Bookmans Speedway recently acquired a killer collection of Nintendo Wii games and Wii U games, all in great condition.

wii games

Rayman Legends is a platform game hit from a dying IP (Intellectual Property) with heavy musical themes. The game allows players to link up play with today’s most popular songs and dozens of music videos online. The art style is so distinct, it almost looks hand drawn. Kirby’s Epic Yarn takes players behind the ‘seams’. The style is a step back from original Kirby games. The art divides 2-D claymation to 2-D yarn and includes fun pranks like going under quilts to get to other levels and pulling off patches to expose hidden levels or secrets. This version has tons of new capabilities and transformations. Players use giant tanks to punch enemies.

Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U consoles have games that focus of two types of play, one emphasizing classic video-game play and one focuing on fitness or education for all ages. Sports and fitness games use nunchucks in the same way one would use a bat or ball. Wii-motes are used as the slide on a trombone, sticks on a drum set or to play a guitar. We have first person shooter games like Call of Duty Black Ops, World of War and Modern Warfare. We also have your favorite classic Nintendo games like Pokemon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart and Donkey Kong.

Bookmans routinely gets our play on with gaming tournaments at every store. Check our event calendar for a video game challenge near you. If you’re into Wii games, Bookmans Speedway has a Wii Mario Kart Challenge this weekend.

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