Bookmans is the place for musicians, even if you haven’t started yet! Bookmans Speedway has an unusual selection of instruments, sheet music and tutorials for all types of music and every skill level. Head over to check out our Wall of Sound. Be amazed at not only the array of unique instruments but by the great deals.

Speedway Instruments

For starters, we have a Middle East electric oud. Similar to a sitar, this beauty is a stunning sight. It is an open string instrument of bright red that emits a techno/electronica sound with an ethnic flair. Our authentic Russian balalaika has a triangular shape and is for those who wish to step away from the norm and have an eye for detail. Ever heard of a bonzuki? We have one. It is similar to a mandolin with a crisp bright sound and breathtaking hand painted traditional designs. A dulcimer is perfect for a folk, down south sound and is a work of art with its heart shaped cut outs. Our Ocean Acoustics by Ovation is an acoustic guitar with uniquely shaped and placed sound holes and a dark red textured back and coating. The Savannah mandolin comes set up, strung and tuned and is perfectly paired with a banjo for bluegrass/folk sound. For the serious musician, our high end prize is our Eastman semi-hollow guitar. This gorgeous instrument has a mocha body and provides hybrid sound with its combination of electric and acoustic. This is a treasure for the advanced player and will look great on stage!

Make you own sweet music with Bookmans Speedway and our selection of amazing instruments and accessories. Bookmans Speedway also does instrument repairs and can set you up with the perfect instrument for your musical needs. For a look at our current selection visit our flickr feed.

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