Got Pets? Bookmans is passionate about animal welfare so we have sections specified for all types of animals and pets. We do separate the sections between animals and pets not just for ease of shopping, but for practical reasons. Not all animals should be pets, how many folks have a pet grizzly bear or a killer whale in their backyard? Luckily it isn’t necessary to own or live with animals to respect and admire them. That is why Bookmans has such a large selection of different types of animals and pets.

If you are considering pet adoption, we encourage to do your research first and we have all of the guides and manuals to assist you in choosing and caring for your pets. We also have a section for animal stories, (Tails? haha), that will give you a first-hand look at the relationship between animals and humans. Many of these titles are humorous, heartwarming and educational. Let’s take a look at some titles that caught our eye.


Pads for Pets by Elizabeth Quinn is a unique look at pet houses. Many of these are very creative in design and some look good enough for a human. The text is accompanied by adorable photos along with supply lists and directions for construction. Quinn has housing ideas for cats, dogs, mice, toads, birds, rabbits, turtles and more. Some of these cozy habitats are affordable, easily constructed from materials or furniture from your local thrift stores. We especially enjoyed the Feng Shui Turtle Pond. This ingenious habitat requires only a tub, either galvanized stainless-steel, aluminum or hard plastic, some pebbles, rocks and some aquatic tubing along with basic construction supplies. The brilliance of this mini pond is that it can be kept in or outdoors. Whatever pet you have, Quinn has great ways to keep them comfortable and entertained.

Next are titles that help you look into the mind of your companion: Melissa Millers’ The Cat I.Q. Test, Richard Webster’s Is Your Pet Psychic?Your Psychic Pet and the New York Times Bestseller Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz.

Horowitz is a cognitive scientist who explains dogs’ perceptual and cognitive abilities. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to BE your dog, Horowitz has your answers. Take a look at yourself and the world through the eyes, and body, of a dog to see the world in a whole new way. If you have ever wondered if you had a psychic pet Richard Webster can teach you how to develop your brain to brain connection. We all know that cats are evil geniuses but have you ever wanted to see just how evil or genius your kitty is? Give your cat the Miller I.Q. Test to unlock your cat’s secrets.

If you are researching pet ownership we have pet guides for all types of creatures. Grab a copy of The Chinchilla Handbook by Sharon L. Vanderlip, My Dwarf Rabbit by Monika Wegler, Turtles by Gibbons and Greene, Eastern Birds by Coe or even The Chicken Book by Page Smith and Charles Daniel. Learn the history and evolution of the great and majestic chicken. They don’t mention whether or not they agree that chickens are truly tiny dinosaurs but you might want to learn more about the humble chicken because you might find a T-Rex parading around in your coop. There has to be a hashtag in there somewhere.

Humans relationships and observations of the animal kingdom have made for some of the greatest stories ever told. One of the great animal authors is James Herriot with his classic Every Living Thing. In his memoir as a vet and animal lover, Herriot tells first-hand accounts of a lifetime of experiences with animals. James Mitchner also has much to say about animals and his Creature of the Kingdom is a compilation of animal stories taken from his other novels. Bookmans also has dvds and documentaries featuring real-life animals. Check out The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, In the Realm of the Red Ape, or March of the Penguins.

Bookmans has creature tales (tails) of all types to educate, entertain and inform. Remember that each Bookmans location has regular pet adoption and animal rescue events in our stores. Stop by to support these wonderful organizations this weekend and possibly find your new best friend or your next great book love!